SEO for Startups & Small Businesses

From $149/mo.

SEO Essentials for Start-ups & Small Business
SEO Services for NON-WordPress Websites.

Great Search Engine Optimization doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. WP Genious offers professional low-cost SEO services designed specifically for startups and small businesses with limited budget. Don’t skimp out of SEO that can get you in trouble, hire the PROs at WP Genious. Whether you have a WP, Wix, Drupal, Joomla, Shopify or HubSpot CMS, we can help you accelerate your business, for less.

Our Approach

Step 1. Discovery Meeting

We love working with passionate small business owners. The ‘Discovery Meeting’ is how we get to know you and set expectations.We will also use this opportunity dive into keywords, research competitors and demo our reporting & research tools.

Step 1. On-Page Optimization

It’s said that Google alone has over 200 or so ranking factors. WP Genious has worked vigorously over the past 16 years to become an expert in all of those. From website performance, architecture, keyword integration, image optimization and more, we’ve got you covered! Depending on the website size, we typically knock this part out within the first 30 days.

Step 3. Off-Page Optimization

There’s no better way to showcase your authority to Google then to be connected with other great, local websites. Our in-depth off-page optimization strategy is designed to build your reputation by collecting ‘mentions’ or links for authoritative influencers in your industry.

Step 4. Build & Maintain

Most of your competitors who are competing online are not letting off the throttle. Once we get you ranked, it’s our job to continue to improve those rankings while maintaining market dominance. We do this through continued link development efforts and regular on-site updates.

How are we able to get our prices so low?

At WP Genious, we’ve come up with a GENIUS solution that allows small businesses to get access to the same expert SEO services at our sister company (Altitude SEO), for less because we automate things such as billing, reporting, and communications through our ticketing system which allows us to focus more of our efforts on your SEO campaign. Additionally, we’ve found most small businesses are eager to learn more about SEO, and how they can contribute. This allows us to reduce our pricing, significantly.

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Which SEO plan is best for you?

SEO Essentials Starter – $149/mo.

  • Great for small businesses in less competitive industries, and markets (i.e. <100,000 in population)

SEO Essentials PLUS+ – $349/mo.

  • Great for small businesses in more competitive industries, and/or markets (i.e. >200,000 in population)
    Examples Trades: Accountants & CPAs, Landscapers, Restoration, Garage Door Repair

SEO Essentials PRO+ – $549/mo.

  • Great for small businesses in highly competitive industries, and/or markets (i.e. >1,000,000 in population)
    Examples Trades: Plumbers, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers